Leasing, and water transfer concerns

Cllrs Martin Bellew and Kevin Meenan expressed their concerns about Dundalk Town council’s long-term leasing of property at the budget meeting of the council.

Cllr Meenan said “was a bad idea”.

“In 20 years time we will own nothing,” he said. “We could buy whole streets for what we will pay out for two or three houses.”.

Cllr Marianne Butler said the Choice Based Letting Scheme, which allows applicants on the housing list the option to be considered for certain vacant properties, was something she welcomed, and she would like to see it expanded.

Nearly all the long term leasing contracts are for 20 years. But after 10 years the local authority has the option to purchase the houses.

Cllr Martin Bellew asked how many houses the council intends to build next year. The answer is none. Except those that will be built under the regeneration plan.

The transfer of water management to the Irish Water Company from January also raised some concerns with councillors.

Cllr Mark Dearey mentioned the concerns expressed by the Dublin City Manager about transfering assets to Irish Water.

However, Town Clerk Frank Pentony said most of the water assets were funded by central government over the years and Dundalk Town Council is only the custodian of these assets.

Water wastage in Dundalk is currently running at 37 per cent. It is planned to get the national average down to 16 per cent.


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