Karate students pass exam

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With the Bay Estate School Karate Club only training once a week it was fantastic to see all the young members who attended a Grading Exam recently pass with flying colours.

Since only opening the Bay Estate School Karate Club after Easter this year, Sensei Mary Marcus 1st Dan has been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of all the club members.

“Each and every one is willing to put in a lot of hard work after a long day at school,” Mary said.

“During the grading exam they had to show that they had an understanding of basic techniques and combinations, followed by blocks.”

All this had to be performed under the pressure of a panel of judges consisting of Sensei Tommy Marrett 4th Dan (Head of Ireland Wadokai Karate-Do Remnei), Sensei David O’Donnell 2nd Dan and Sensei Mary Marcus 1st Dan.

Each and every member of the Bay Estate School Karate Club showed that they had nerves of steel and passed their 10th Kyu Grade (Yellow Stripe Belt) with flying colours.

Sensei Mary Marcus was overwhelmed with the achievements and is looking forward to the next part of the journey for these young karate students.

Mary Marcus 1st Dan is a member of Ireland Wadokai Karate-Do Remnei. Currently Mary is the first in Ireland to receive a European 1st Dan Certificate from the Federation of Wado-Kai Europe.




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