Junior wardens help keep Riverdale clean

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The Rivervale Tidy Towns association was re-formed earlier this year and has accomplished great work on their estate in Dunleer in just a few months.

Under their chairperson Nola Pluck they have a very active an d vibrant committee.

They have weekly clean-ups in around the estate.

On Saturdays, many of the residents join the committee in making useful improvements to the estate. They set about painting all unpainted walls around houses in the estate have organised the big green cut regularly so children can play on the magnificent green.

They also have arranged flower beds around each tree on the green and they have had theentrance stone repainted, and had graffiti removed from walls of the electric boxes.

Now in recent weeks, they have included the children of the estate in litter collection throughout the estate.

The junior litter wardens were very active this week throughout the estate and not a paper to be seen anywhere.

Well done to the new junior litter wardens in Rivervale.

Dunleer is certainly leading the way when it comes to keeping our towns and villages litter free. Last April a huge number of volunteers took part in the big clean-up of all main roads leading into the town.

As in the previous year, the volunteers filled over half a skip of bags full of rubbish.

This year with more volunteers they extended themselves in all directions out all approach roads to Dunleer for about a mile.

Most of this rubbish comes from people throwing rubbish out from their cars as they pass. Litter collections are of course continuing daily around the town and they would like to remind smokers that butts from cigarettes are also regarded as litter. Local people are asked to use the bins provided on the street.

The second major litter problem is dog fouling on the street.

Some dog owners are still not aware that it is their responsibility to clean up after their pets.

There has been many complaints from residents about this problem. Louth County council recently launched a campaign to stop dog fouling.


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