Judge’s invitation to women

Senator Mary Moran has welcomed the announcement by Judge Yvonne Murphy that she is inviting women who have had a symphysiotomy to contact her regarding their situation.

“The Government announced in late November 2013 that Judge Murphy would work with the women who had suffered years of pain and distress due to this barbaric surgical procedure

whereby the symphis pubis was severed to widen the pelvis during childbirth,” senator Moran said.

“The judge stated then she would liaise with the women affected after an interval of eight working weeks and I am pleased that this is now happening.

I would now encourage any woman affected by symphysiotomy to take up Judge Murphy’s offer. Many of the survivors of symphysiotomy are advanced in years and in poor health and we need to see a satisfactory conclusion to their plight as soon as possible.

This has been a very long and difficult road for these women and their families. I believe Judge Murphy will do her very best to expedite a solution.

I have had the privilege of meeting with many brave and wonderful people affected by symphysiotomy since I started working on this issue. I have worked closely with the women affected and I look forward to Judge Murphy’s input.

I would urge those affected to use the channels of communication with Judge Murphy which have been posted in the local and national newspapers this week. Anyone with a query or can contact me on mary.moran.ie or by phone on 042-9329052.


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