“Joyriding needs to stop” - Cllr Loughran

Sinn Fein Councillor Jim Loughran has called on the Gardaí to take action against joyriders on the Carlingford and Feede roundabouts before somebody is killed.

The joyriders meet in Dundalk town centre before “cruising” to the Ballymac and Ravensdale area. This has now become a weekly activity on Thursday nights.

Cllr Loughran has been active in highlighting the matter to local Gardaí.

“I have raised this issue of joyriding in the area of Carlingford and Feede roundabouts on many occasions,” Cllr Loughran told the paper.

“The most recent occasion was at a meeting of the Community Alerts from Cooley and Faughart on 11 February.

“This meeting was attended by Superintendent Gerry Curley and I took the opportunity of raising this issue with him.

“I raised it again at the meeting of the Joint Policing Committee on 18 February which was again attended by Supt Curley.

“I was informed by the Superintendent that the Gardaí were aware of the problem and were taking action and will be monitoring it closely.”

Cllr Loughran says that action needs to be taken.

“This a serious issue which I believe needs to stop before there is a serious accident and innocent people injured.

“I am concerned that this behaviour will get out of control and I will continue to highlight it and bring it to the attention of the Gardaí.”


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