Job not finished says Cllr Sharkey

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Despite commending Philomena Poole for her work in her brief time in office, Sinn Fein councillor Tomás Sharkey said that she is leaving with ‘a job to finish’.

“We in Sinn Féin wish Ms Poole all the best in her new role,” Cllr Sharkey said. “On a number of occasions we saw Ms Poole offering honest, factual data to councillors.

“She was up front with us on the issue of housing adaptation grants, funding for Women’s Aid, the auditors report into Louth’s 2012 accounts and the financial implications of cash reserves being spent on land during the boom.

“Ms Poole’s first meeting was in September. Then she announced an audit into the purchase of houses from council management staff. That was a bold move by Ms Poole. We are not convinced that previous management would have shown such commitment to getting to the truth.

“That audit has become a wholesale inquiry. She refused to meet me to discuss my concerns about this whole affair. My concerns remain and I now have concerns about the credibility of the inquiry.

“Sinn Féin feel that Ms Poole has a job to finish here in Louth. We need to discover all the details around house purchases and also why land was bought in Louth village and Kilkerley using cash reserves at astronomical prices, with not one house ever being built.

“We do wish her well and expect to meet her in the future when investigations come to fruition.”


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