Jimmy’s passing is a sad loss for the Peninsula

It was with great sadness that the people of Cooley learned of the death of Jimmie Hanlon, Gaultrimsland, Riverstown.  Jimmie who was in his 91st year passed away peacefully in Carlingford Nursing Home on 27th November.

Jimmy, a well-respected man in his own community was a very familiar face all over the Cooley Peninsula.  He loved socialising, was a real ‘people’s person’ who took great delight in attending Red Cross Parties, The Green Scene, and the Carlingford Day Centre.  These social outlets provided him with a fountain of friendships which enriched his life.    Jimmie was a man who gave much of himself to others.  

He spent many years fundraising for a charity which was close to his heart – The Rehab Foundation.  He was also involved in the early years of the Cooley Vintage Festival, a hard working committee member who was ever generous with his time.   He took great delight in witnessing new life being infused into the old vintage machines and sure why not, he had been that soldier, many long days had been spent working them in his youth. 

He enjoyed taking part in many charity vintage tractor runs.   Helping others came natural to Jimmy.  A willing neighbour who was always on call. He worked on the farm of JP Kearney & Son for forty years.   Jimmie was deeply anchored to the land and nature.  He was gifted with a great ability to care for sick animals and his skills were in great demand all over the parish, long before it became ‘fashionable’ to call for a vet. 

Jimmy was an intelligent man who enjoyed reading books.   His ability for recounting old stories of yesteryear has helped to preserve our past. Some of his fountain of knowledge has been recorded for the future generations in his brother in law Michael O’Hanlon’s book – The Way We Were, Life and Times on the Cooley Peninsula.

Jimmy’s passing has left a void in the community.  Another little piece of the history of the parish was lost in his passing.  His loss will be felt by many.  

He is sorely missed by his loving wife Rose, daughters Mary Brannock,  Josephine O’Doherty, Anne Carroll, and his son Jimmy.  His memory will live on in the hearts of his grandchildren Stalina, Denise and John, his great grandchildren Gerard and Eirin and his many friends and relations.


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