It’s leprechaun hunting season

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The National Leprechaun Hunt in Carlingford is due to take place on Sunday, March 30.

The National Leprechaun Hunt is extending an open inviation to Ireland’s last known leprechaun habitat - the Slieve Foy Mountain. It was designated a Special Protection Area for Little People by the EU.

To celebrate this protection of the last remaining 236 leprechauns in the whole of Ireland, Carlingford holds this annual ceramic Leprechaun hunt.

The hunt is for 100 ceramic Leprechauns and the value of each one is recorded on his heel. Rewards can be claimed at The Green in Carlingford after 5pm. The total value of rewards is €2,000.

The first Leprechaun hunt began in 1989 after a set of leprechaun clothes were found on the Slieve Foy Mountain by a local businessman.

Following overwhelming interest by the general public the hunt ceased until the area obtained a Special Protection order from the EU and the mountain was officially designated as Special Protection Area for Little People in 2010.

The public are asked to refrain from disturbing the area where the leprechauns exist and not to attempt to capture any of The Little People themselves. The permitted hunting area is marked by four posts with flags attached.

Of course you must purchase a Leprechaun Hunting Licence to join the search. Hunting licences are €6 and can be obtained by contacting 042-9373646 or 042-9373033 or you can email

The event will take place from 2pm-5pm and aspiring hunters are asked to assemble on The Green in Carlingford between 1-2pm.

All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to Crumlin’s Childrens hospital.

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