‘It’s going to kick off’ says anti water charge group

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A new Louth based Facebook page aimed at fighting the imminent water charges has been set up.

‘Louth water metering lets fight back’ has garnered nearly 1,000 followers on Facebook and are planning on holding a public meeting this week.

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat, Mark Fitzsimons, one of the founders of the group says that it’s “going to kick off’ when water meter installers come to Louth.

“We are looking at setting up crews on the ground that will go to the households of those that do want these meters to resist them.”

Text alerts may be used to alert the group when metering men come.

“On a personal level, if this means me going to jail, I will. I feel that strongly about it. Water is a basic human right.

“What happens when we are forced to purchase water is that we become a consumer. That means we are subject to consumer rights.

“Why should we pay for a product with poision (fluoride) in it?”

The public meeting will be held in the upstairs conference room of the Lisdoo Arms next Friday, 9 May, starting at 8pm for residents of Louth who are concerned about the proposed installation of water meters in the Louth area.

“We are a peaceful group and not proposing violence, but will fight these installers. “

On the Facebook page the group say that the meeting will be used to have discussions, which will cover plans on possible actions to prevent the water meters being installed.

“Louth will join the rest of the country in building resistance against this unjust charge being levied upon already hard pressed members of the public.

“Everyone is welcome to attend to put forward any ideas for consideration. Let’s fight back, see you all there.” concluded Mr Fitzsimons.


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