Irish Water gets muddy and messy

The average homeowner is now paying an annual €350 in Property Tax and can expect from next October to be paying the same amount for water.

An average of €700 a year and it now emerges that €50m has been spent by Irish Water on consultants used to help set up this company, a company that was instructed by the government to rely on the existing expertise Bord Gais.

It now emerges that the government did not know how much Irish Water was spending on consultants.

Junior Minister Fergus O’Dowd, who brought in the legislation, said the first he knew about the spending on consultants was when he heard Irish Water managing director John Tierney interviewed on RTE Radio.

Irish Water must disclose details of how the €50m was spent.

As the Green Party has pointed out even 150 consultants, each earning €1,000 a day and all working for a full year would not have cost €50m.

According to the the Green Party the problem lies with the centralisation of a service that should have remained under the remit of Local Authorities.

The Greens claim the reform of local government was an ideal opportunity to deliver a more co-ordinated water service.

They say that if the water service had remained in the ownership of local authorities it could have been organised on a regional basis. But now the question that has to be asked is what exactly did these consultants do? Why were they necessary? And why did the government not know? This will be a semi-state company worth €2bn and we deserve some answers.


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