Independents Bellew and Ryan look likely to run

Long term Independent councillors Martin Bellew and Jim Ryan both look likely to run in next year’s local election.

Cllr Bellew and Cllr Ryan currently sit on both Louth County Council and Dundalk Town Council.

Under new legalisation announced by the government, the Town Council will be abolished next year.

Election candidates will be battling to win a seat on the Louth County Council.

Speaking this week, Cllr Bellew said he has not made a decision, but hinted he will run.

“I have made no final decision,” Cllr Bellew said. “Although I cannot see any reason why I would not run.

“I am interested in the formation of the council and what its role will be.”

He added that he feels there is not a lot of information out there at the moment.

“. It is all very vague regarding the role of the new council,” he said.

“I plan on writing to the Department and seeking information regarding the role of the new amalgamated council.

“I’m interested what function the council will have, or if it will just be a talking shop.”

Cllr Jim Ryan said he intends to contest the election.

He said: “I expect that I will run for election. I just had a hip operation, but I will be ok to run.

He says the boundaries have “remained much the same”but in keeping with Cllr Bellew’s comments, Cllr Ryan also said: “The role of the council still has to be explained clearly.”

He added: “It will be interesting to see the other candidates that will be running. At the moment there is no real shock candidate. “

Little is know of the Labour Party’s plans, Cllr Ryan added.

“We will also have to wait to see if Labour will run a candidate.”


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