Ice Bucket Challenge craze sweeps Dundalk

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It is the craze that has swept the western world, and Dundalk has been no exception, with the Ice Bucket Challenge having been undertaken this week by hundreds of people around the town.

From local politicians, sports people, to school children, back gardens around Dundalk have been the stage for numerous ice laden, drenchings; all in aid of raising awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease.

Even a bare chested Fr Michael Cusack can now be seen getting the ice bucket treatment.

And the craze shows no sign of stopping, with social media timeline’s around the town now filled with video’s of people being soaked with various sized containers of ice cold water.

One drenching was of a martial arts nature, when head of Dundalk Karate, Sensei Mary Marcus gave her students, family and friends the opportunity to throw a bucket of ice cold water over her.

Sensei Mary was nominated by Nicholas Hoey who has a son currently training with Dundalk Karate in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre, and to say that Nicholas got the opportunity to douse Mary is putting it mildly.

In total, twelve containers from plastic kitchen bowls to large buckets were filled with cold water and topped off with a number of bags of ice.

Members of Dundalk Karate were thrilled with this once in a lifetime opportunity and relished the chance to get one over on their Sensei.

Each person who took up this opportunity ensured that they had a good vantage point and took their time in giving Mary a very long and excruciatingly cold shower.

The term Motor Neurone Disease (MND) encompasses several different conditions whose common feature is the premature degeneration of motor nerves. ALS is encompassed by MND, with 90 per cent of suffers having the ALS form of the disease.

To donate €2 to MND Ireland text MND to 50300.


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