“I left Dundalk in the late eighties because there were better opportunities elswhere”

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In this week in Across the Water, Martin Grant talks to Pat Cooney, originally from Cedarwood Park, Dundalk, now living in Delaplane, Virginia

Originally from?

I am originally from Cedarwood Park, Dundalk.

Parents’ names and names of family?

My parents’ names Micheal and Esther. Sister’s are Margret, Ann, Bernadette, Eblihin, Marty and Diane. Brother’s are Thomas, Mike, Gerry, Nigel and Mark.

When did you leave and why?

I left in the late eighties. My main reason for leaving Dundalk was that there were better opportunities elsewhere.

What’s your occupation?

I was a jockey, but now I am a training here in Virginia.

What’s the biggest difference in settling into your new home?

The biggest difference settling into my new home was the weather. It’s great.

Is the social life much different from home?

The social life is different than home. But it’s a good different.

How do you like to relax?

When I am free, I like to watch the football, have a pint in the local and play a little golf.

Have you been home since leaving and what changes have you noticed?

Yes, I have been home. There have been been dramatic changes since I left. Dundalk is very commercialised and and everything has changed.

What’s the best and worst things about being away from home?

The best thing about being away from home is that I have a better lifestyle. The worst thing from being away is that I miss my family.

Have you plans in the future to return home to Ireland for good?

I have no plans to return to Dundalk

Name one thing from home that you wish you could buy in your local store?

I think the one thing that I wish I could buy here is bacon.

Have you a message for your friends and family?

How are ya!


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