“I have no regrets about moving to the US”

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In this weeks Across the Water, Martin Grant talks to Elton McEneaney, originally from St Nicholas Avenue,Dundalk, now living in Bayside, New York.

Originally from?

St Nicholas Avenue, Dundalk.

Parents names and names of family?

Parents are Mickey and Kathleen. I have two brothers - Conor and Keith.

When did you leave and why?

I left Ireland in 1999. I was looking for work and also a change in scenery.

What’s your occupation?

I am a full time Union bricklayer.

What’s the biggest difference in settling into your new home?

The biggest difference living in New York is that you never get bored. There is always something to do and the pace of life is much faster here.

Is the social life different from home?

Social life is very different as it never stops. Bars don’t close till 4am and some don’t close at all.

How do you like to relax?

I like to go to the gym, beach and driving.

Have you been home since leaving and what changes have you noticed?

I returned home last Christmas. It was my first visit in over ten years and the town has changed so much. The Marshes Shopping Centre, new motorways, it is like a different town.

What’s the best and worst things about being away from home?

The best thing is the anonymity. Nobody knows or cares about your life.

Have you plans in the future to return home to Ireland for good?

No. I will never settle back in Ireland.

Name one thing from home that you wish you could buy in your local store?

Steak and Kidney pies in the flat tins that you heat up in oven and buckfast.

The Irish deli have lots of Irish products such as crisps,chocolate bars,newspapers and bread.

Have you a message for your friends and family?

Hope you are enjoying the mini heatwave. Might see you all in the summer!


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