Hollywood star Mischa Barton performs in ‘Steel Magnolias’ in Drogheda’s TLT Theatre

Hollywood actress Mischa Barton outside the Gaiety Theatre, at the premiere of Steel Magnolias in Dublin

Hollywood actress Mischa Barton outside the Gaiety Theatre, at the premiere of Steel Magnolias in Dublin

Hollywood actress Mischa Barton, best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in The OC, has made her Irish stage debut as Shelby Eatenton in Robert Harling’s bitter-sweet play Steel Magnolias.

The play opened in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre and has been in Cork, Derry and Limerick.

Last night (Monday), the play was in Drogheda’s TLT Theatre and will be performed there again tonight (Tuesday).

The Dundalk Democrat spoke exclusively to Mischa before her performance in the TLT Theatre.

The Hollywood actress told us she was very excited about coming to Drogheda.

“I’m looking forward to Drogheda because I’ve never been to the TLT before and I understand it’s quite a new theatre, and that the owner Tommy Leddy is a legend in the area!”

Mischa was also delighted with the amazing reception the play was recieving.

“We have been in some beautiful venues and have had some great reviews. The audiences all seem to be having a wonderful night at Steel Magnolias.”

The 26 year old is best known for her on-screen acting, when asked if she was enjoying the change from screen to stage acting, Mischa told us that she in fact started her career in theatre.

“I started out in theatre at the age of 8 when I did the critically-acclaimed production of ‘Slavs’ by Tony Kushner on Broadway.

For me, being in the theatre is like working out an acting muscle, it’s great to do it and it’s very important as an actor to be able to act on stage as well as on screen.”

Being on tour and on the stage every night is exhausting work, Mischa told us she goes to the gym to unwind.

“I like to go to the gym, a lot! I love working out. I also love music, not many people know I play three instruments, so I’m looking forward to going to the TLT. I heard there’s a great music store right next door to the theatre.”

Mischa’s mother is from Roscommon and as a child she would visit Ireland and hoilday here a few times a year, which unfortunately, she doesn’t get to do often any more.

“I have to travel a lot for work, and home is in London and LA. I come to Ireland when I can, I really love it here. I don’t get the chance to sight-see much when I’m working.

Being on stage every night is very tiring, and during the day I have work to catch up on and go to the gym. I’ve visited a lot of different parts of the country before and I know I’ll be back so I don’t mind.”

Apart from acting Mischa is also well known for her passion for fashion.

I’m an artist and it’s part of how I express myself. I love mixing up different styles and it’s great to see kids walking into my shop and buying the clothes.”

After Drogheda, Steel Magnolias is off to Galway and Killarney before finishing up on October 19 in Castlebar.

Mischa already has a full schedule after the play is finished.

“By Christmas, I will have been on three different continents!”




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