Help me find Ben says distraught dog owner

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A distraught Annagassan dog owner is offering a reward for the safe return of her pet dog which was stolen from her yard while she was away on holiday.

Patricia Rogers of Dillonstown returned from a trip to America on 6 March to every pet owners worst nightmare.

Her dog Ben was gone from her yard.

“I just adopted Ben at Christmas. He is a small whippet/greyhound cross-breed, nothing special in that regard. I had him neutered immediately when he came to live here, so he’s not a resource in that department to anyone. He is a timid little dog, not much good in the defence department either. However—he is a loving, funny, goofy little thing who quickly became our other dog’s best friend. She had grown up with a family of wolfhounds but very sadly lost all three of her ‘siblings’ the previous year. Gentle Ben was a Godsend to her, she adores him.

“I work overseas (in the US) and was away for a month on my last trip, in February. A friend and neighbour was watching over my yard, we have a few horses as well as the dogs, and all was well that Wednesday night as he left around 7pm. He was back as usual at 7am the next morning—and Ben was gone.

“That was Thursday. I got home after a 24 hour journey on Friday morning, exhausted but so excited to see the dogs—but there was no Ben. My sister then came and told me he had ‘disappeared’ the day before. This was now Friday March 7th. One more day and he would have been safe. One more day.

“None of this makes sense, but neither was I expecting the level of incredible kindness, compassion and generosity of everyone who watches the many, many rescue Facebook pages and websites all over this country. It has taken my breath away. Every day since then we have posted something - a picture, some video, anything I can think of to let people see what this goofy little dog was like. Maybe they might recognise him as a stray down the road.

“It has been a wrenching experience, and I know I am not alone. There are hundreds of missing pets out there.”

Patricia is offering a reward for the no questions asked, safe return of Ben.

If you have any information please email or call the number below.


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