Heartbroken parents want some answers

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The parents of teenager Conor Byrne who died from a suspected heart attack are looking for answers regarding the ambulance response times.

The family want to know if a quicker dispatch of emergency services would have saved Conor.

Conor would have celebrated his 19th birthday this Saturday.

His devastated parents Marguerite and David Byrne received a phone bill which shows the 999 call that could have saved Conor’s life.

An ambulance was dispatched at 1.12pm on 24 June.

However, the fire service paramedics, who had a defibrillator, were not dispatched for another seven minutes later at 1.19pm.

A second ambulance was dispatched at 1.19pm.

The ambulance took 27 minutes and arrived at 1.39pm.

The fire service took five minutes and arrived at 1.24pm.

The family believe the seven minutes between the first ambulance being dispatched at 1.12pm and the fire service dispatched at 1.19pm could have saved Conor’s life.

“The fire crew could have arrived at 1.17pm if it wasn’t for the seven-minute delay to dispatch them,” Conor’s mother Marguerite.

“These extra minutes could have saved Conor. Was this delay the difference between him living and dying?”

“We’ll never know. We are highlighting this because we don’t want another family to suffer like us.”

The Byrne family have praised the efforts of all the medics and front line staff who tried to save Conor’s life but they say they are highlighting the situation because they don’t want another family to suffer.They are also calling for the reopening of the A&E at the Louth County Hospital.

Conor’s father David says that cuts to the health service led to Conor’s death.

“Up until five years ago,” he said, “we had a full A&E at the Louth Hospital. If this was still open, I could have taken Conor straight to the local hospital.”

The family want answers to a number of questions, including who is accountable for dispatching the fire service seven minutes after the 999 call.

The heartbroken Byrne family is waiting on post mortem results to determine the exact cause of Conor’s death but for now, they are preparing to mark the sad occasion of Conor’s birthday.


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