Guidelines for election posters

Louth County Council has issued guidelines for election posters. Posters may only be erected for a certain specified time before an election. This

time period is either 30 days before the poll date or from the date the polling day order for the election has been made.

The European Parliament and local elections will be held on 23 May 2014. While polling day orders have not yet been signed, it is expected that the date from which posters

may be erected will be 30 days before 23 April.

Posters be put up on billboards, but there are planning regulations relevant to this type of advertising space so people are asked to check with

the local authority planning section.

The responsibility for enforcement of litter law lies with the local authority. Any election posters in place before or after the stipulated timeframe are deemed to be in

breach of the legislation and are subject to an on-the-spot litter fine of €150. Local authorities are also responsible for the removal of posters which constitute a hazard.


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