Gritting teams prepare for icy week ahead

A gritting  lorry gets filled   at the Collon road store

A gritting lorry gets filled at the Collon road store

County Council gritting teams are preparing for a busy week ahead as temperatures are predicted to drop as low as -5 degrees Celsius.

The County Council is urging road users to take care and the main message is simple, be prepared, stay safe and know where to find help should you need it.

A blast of polar air from northerly winds is set to send temperatures dipping as low as -5C, with daytime temperatures between 2C and 5C.

Motorists have been warned to be wary on the roads following the recent frosty nights, with plummeting temperatures leaving treacherous patches of ‘black ice’ in places.

If a road appears polished or glossy, then there could be a patch of ‘black ice’ lurking.

There is currently 950 tonnes of salt in storage between the three salt barns in Louth, which are located in Dundalk , Ardee and Dunleer.

Last year approximately 2800 tonnes of salt was used to grit roads and footpaths around the county with the expenditure for winter maintenance coming in at 180,000 euros.

Usually there is a 5-7 crew dispatched to cover town and county routes (all Primary routes listed on the Louth County Council web site) with a total of 32 – 40 staff involved in programme on a rotation basis.

Maps are available of gritted routes on the Louth County Council web site at

While the roads indicated are normally gritted when frost or snow is forecast, it is the drivers responsibility to take care and drive safely in the prevailing conditions.

Never assume it’s safe to travel at normal speeds even if they believe roads have been treated with grit.




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