Great party celebrations at Ardee Day Care Centre

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Ardee Day Care Centre has held many successful events in recent times, not least of which was the St Valentine’s Day party enjoyed by all at the popular venue.

Around 40 people attended the event, which was a great success.

The afternoon was filled with unexpected surprises for guests. Francis Higgins provided musical entertainment on the keyboard, while Liam Hand and Hughie O’Neill presented each lady with a red rose, kindly sponsored by Noelle Douglas, a local florist.

In addition, Karen Duffy, a local trader from The Station Gift Shop, was presented with a surprise birthday cake.

The Ardee Traders Association generously provided prizes for a raffle that took place on the day. But, the highlight of the day was the surprise guest Mrs Brown from the TV sitcom, interpreted by Gerry Higgins who filled the room with raucous laughter.

“I’ll always celebrate Valentine’s Day, because love does not age”, said one senior guest.

“It was a very enjoyable event which was made possible by the help and assistance of Gerry and Francis, Noelle Douglas and Ardee Traders Association, and we want to thank them for their wholehearted cooperation,” added Liam Hand, manager of the Day Care Centre.

The day care centre has been really active lately.

Recently it produced a wonderful publication called Memories of Yesteryear.

This is a collection of memories from the 1920s and 1930s published in book form.

There are recollections of life at Knockabbey Castle, Ballapousta processions and the Eucharistic Congress in 1932.

There is another memory of Mullacurry races and the Congo in the 1960s.

This last story is a brilliant story about the Irish UN forces serving in that troubled region.

Michael Pattrick Searson describes the dirt, and the lack of water to drink in the swealthering heat.In one attack they lost some of their comrades, killed by machine gun fire. One comrade died in front of Michael.

He remembers the local people as poor and always begging for food.

There are many, many stories in this fine collection.

Dolly remembers the mystery tours that always ended in Bray.

They would get on the train and go from Ardee to Dromin. Then go on the train that headed for Bray.

And this was all in the days of steam.

The book is illustrated with wonderful photographs from Fr Michael Murtagh’s excellent book Ardee 2000.

It’s a real gem.


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