Get all you need in Ardee, Dunleer and Carlingford - with no hassle

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For those who want to do their Christmas shopping in peace and with little hassle, as well as getting everything they need from then you should pay a Christmas visit to Ardee, Dunleer and Carlingford.

You will be surprised at the amount of choice there is available in these areas and you are sure to find a few bargains as well as a few unique gifts for your loved ones.

In Ardee and Dunleer, parking is easily accessible especially with the new parking incentive in Ardee town.

Shoppers can walk through the towns streets which will be lined with Christmas trees and decorated with bright festive lights as well as enjoying the window displays and other festive decorations.

In the mid-Louth ‘capital’, Ardee, shoppers can choose from a wide selection of all types of shops for them to make their festive purchases, from jewellery and books, clothes and shoes to gift sets, DVDs and CDs.

Dunleer and Carlingford have everything from antiques to shoes to supermarkets as well.

The choice and range of shops, restaurants and pubs in Ardee, Dunleer and Carlingford means there is no need for anyone, to chance getting caught in nightmare Christmas traffic, by driving into Drogheda, Dundalk or Dublin to make their purchases.




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