Garvey family call on the HSE to make emergency funding available

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The family of David Garvey, who has locked-in syndrome, are calling on the HSE to make the funding allocated for emergency cases available to David so he can be cared at home.

David, from St Nicolas Avenue, Dundalk, is incapable of any movement and has been in Beaumont Hospital for over two years.

Last week, The Dundalk Democrat published David’s story.

Since then, the family have received a letter from the office of Minister for Health James Reilly.

Minister Reilly’s private secretary, David O’Connor, stated: “I wish to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter requesting the minister to meet with you to discuss you son David’s situation.

“Your letter will be brought to the attention of the minister at the earliest opportunity.”

An official in the HSE sent a letter to the Garvey family highlighting that funding is available for “emergency cases”.

Dermot Monaghan, HSE Area Manager for Louth and Meath, stated: “I understand that there is a national fund for emergency cases which the National Director for Social Care, Mr Pat Healy, will utilise over the next 12 months.

“The process to access this funding has not yet been agreed but I wish to assure you that I will continue to advocate for David at national level.”

David’s sister, Lynn, says that the HSE are letting David “die in hospital” if funding is not approved.

“We have read this as: there is money available now, but they will not offer it to David,” Lynn told The Democrat.

“It’s costing €1,700 to €1,900 per day to keep David in hospital. Over one year that is €618,800.

“It will cost €450,000 to take David home. This will save the hospital €168,800.

“Is David not an emergency case and what do they class as an emergency?”

The family say that viruses are spreading in the hospital and they hope David is not affected by these.

Lynn added: “We have contacted all the local TD’s and hopefully make the funding available now.

“If they deny funding again, the HSE may as well go into David’s ward and unplug his ventilator because this is exactly what they are doing. They are letting him die in hospital.”


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