Garda helicopter drafted in as part of operation to target Dundalk boy racers

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The garda air support unit dispatched a helicopter during an an operation against boy racers in the Dundalk area late Thursday night and early Friday morning, The Dundalk Democrat has learned.

A spokesperson for the gardai told the Dundalk Democrat that they are gathering information regarding the boy racers.

The spokesperson added: “We are continue investigations into this issue.

“This is part of an on-going operation. The garda air support is a great resource for our investigations.

“We will continue to tackle this issue and have been liaising with the PSNI.”

In recent weeks the issue of boy racers has become a major problem for residents of the Dundalk town centre and the border area.

Over 100 drivers meet weekly at a well-known location in the town centre..

They then take their antics beyond the car parks and speed-off to the Ballymac roundabout.

Video clips on social media sites show the thrill-seeking drivers doing manoeuvres including doughnuts and spins on public roads.

Footage shows motorists drifting at top speeds which could have ended up being fatal.

The gardai have mounted an operations against the racers in recent weeks, including targeted checkpoints.

Fine Gael Councillor John McGahon, who lives in the town centre, says that boy racers are a “menace” to Dundalk.

“Boy racers are a menace to the people of Dundalk, especially those of us who live close to the town centre and along the border,” Cllr McGahon told The Dundalk Democrat.

“It’s a regular occurrence that large numbers of boy racers will gather in Boyd’s car park late at night.

“The people who drive these cars, mostly young men, think they are invincible.

“ They have absolutely no regard for their own lives, let alone the rest of society.

“The screeching and roaring from these modified cars is unbearable for local residents.”

Cllr McGahon feels strongly that a barrier should be erected at the car park known as Boyd’s car park.

“I simply cannot understand why a barrier is not placed across Boyds car park, like every other car park in Dundalk.

“It should be a simple process and will go a long way towards stopping boy racing in the town centre.

“I strongly believe that a tough handed approach needs to be taken.

“The guards are already doing their best to tackle the situation.

“They need to be supported by local authorities, insurance companies, and property owners to make our roads safer at night.”


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