Fly the flag for Dundalk Pride Week

Edel Corrigan

Edel Corrigan

Sinn Fein Cllr Edel Corrigan has called on the new local authority in the town to support next week’s Dundalk Pride LGBT Week 14 to 19 July.

“Can the local authority here show support for this event and fly a rainbow flag over the town hall,” Cllr Corrigan asked.

“And I would propose that this be annual occurrence.” She was speaking at a meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District at Dundalk Town Hall.

Chairman Declan Breathnach said there is no difficulty in supporting Dundalk Pride, as the previous town council body had done, but perhaps some kind of protocol should be established.

Cllr Kevin Meenan, Sinn Fein, proposed that the municipal body goes ahead with the suggestion and attend to protocol later.

Sinn Fein has launched an LGBT document ‘Equality, Diversity, Solidarity: Fighting with Pride for LGBT Rights in Ireland’.

Party leader Gerry Adams said “it is our firm belief that all citizens are entitled to full equality before the law, regardless of their background, including sexual orientation or gender. Nothing less can be tolerated in a modern, progressive and inclusive society.

“Our document Equality, Diversity, Solidarity – Fighting with PRIDE for LGBT rights in Ireland catalogues the significant strides made over recent times in Ireland, north and south, in tackling political, societal and legal obstacles and discrimination facing LGBT citizens.”


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