Fitzpatrick’s hit back at Trip Advisor review

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The owner of award winning Fitzpatrick’s Bar and Restaurant says that he is “gutted” following a critical TripAdvisor review and has decided to cancel all future Halloween and Christmas events.

Danny Fitzpatrick, who has been in business for over 20 years, has blasted the review which states that he used abusive language towards a customer.

“I am completely gutted,” Danny told The Dundalk Democrat. “I don’t know what to say. I haven’t slept for two nights since this whole thing came about.

“I refute everything that was said in the review. People who know me personally and those who we have served for over twenty years would be aware I would do no such thing.”

Danny is critical of online reviews and how people can write anything without justification which can potentially destroy businesses.

“You have no comeback or say,” said Danny,

“It could destroy a business. These reviews could even be written by other businesses who are trying to deter competition. I don’t know who wrote the review. It could be anybody. The matter is that it’s false information.”

Following the review, Danny took to the restaurants Facebook page to address the issue.

Over 4,000 people “liked” his response and 600 people wrote comments of support.

“I have read some of the comments, but not them all,” said Danny, “Myself and my wife are going away for a few days to clear our heads. The support has been great and I would like to thank everybody who contacted me.

“The review is not just a hit against me personally, but it’s a hit against the staff.”

Danny has now taken the decision to cancel all future Halloween and Christmas events.

“It is with deep regret I do this,” said Danny, “At Halloween 2013 we raised €7014.00 for Temple Street children’s Hospital. This was the biggest donation made from anywhere in Ireland.

“Regarding the Christmas displays, there was an investment of over €25,000 and 2013 was the first year of a four year plan. At Christmas 2013 we raised €645 for the charity Aware.

“Nobody knows how I felt when I read the review. It is heartbreaking when myself and our staff put everything into the restaurant.”


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