Father says he was asked to sign a meaningless document

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A Dundalk father who is campaigning to get his daughter appropriate medical treatment has spoken of how he has a signed a document that would entitle his daughter to a place in a Respite Centre - but she will not be able to attend.

David Nesbitt was asked to sign a 15 page document by a social worker that would allow his daughter to make use of a new respite centre on the Cooley Peninsula.

However the Respite Centre will not be officially opened until September, when his daughter will be over 18 and technically unable to attend.

David Nesbitt’s daughter Niamh has the mental age of a seven-year-old and is prone to violent episodes which have led to her to attempt to stab family members.

She is currently residing in a home for troubled teenagers in Blanchardstown, a setting completely inappropriate for a girl with her condition.

“Because we can’t get an official diagnosis, the HSE are refusing to accept responsibility for her once she turns 18,” said David.

“Our only hope now is get a diagnosis, something the HSE have been unable to supply us with up to this point.”

The Aisling Park man now hopes that a team of specialist working in a private capacity out of Beaumont Hopsital will be able to give NIamh a diagnosis.

The HSE told the Dundalk Democrat that: “We will not be commenting.”


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