Father’s frustration at violent daughter’s plight

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The father of a intellectually challenged girl who has violent outbursts which have put her family in danger, has spoken of his frustration at the HSE’s apparent inability to find a suitable setting for her.

David’s daughter, Niamh Nesbitt is 17-years-old yet she has the mental age of a seven-year-old.

Niamh’s most recent outburst saw her hack through a door with six inch carving knife at her home in Aisling Park, Dundalk, before Gardaí were called and forced to arrest her.

“She has the strength of five men when she goes into one of her rages. Just minutes later she calm and fine and she doesn’t understand why she is being taken away.

“Currently Niamh is in a home for troubled teenagers in Dublin, a completely inappropriate setting for a girl with her mental age. “

Adding to David’s frustration is the fact that doctors have been unable to give his daughter a definitive diagnosis.

“She was originally diagnosed as having epilepsy. That was back in 2010, after repeated fits.

“The left hand side of her body would drop. We feared she had a stroke just before her last outburst.”

David, who has lived in Dundalk for 20 years, has written to James Reilly in a bid to get his daughter a safe care programme.

“At the moment the disabilities service and the HSE have both said that she is not their responsibility. She has been in two foster care situations but she has been too much for them.

“She has been diagnosed with epilepsy, aspergers, fibromyalgia and most recently split personality disorder.

“What we want is the Minister to send her to a foreign country if they can’t find what’s wrong with her here.”

However, the fear for David is that as she approaches her 18th birthday, she will be placed into the adult system.

“She doesn’t know what’s going on and why she is where she is. She keeps on asking ‘What’s wrong with me?’

He concludes by acknowledging the support he has received since going public.

“The people of Dundalk have been very supportive. Since we appeared in the Sun people have wished us all the best.”


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