Father of violent teen daughter launches petition

David Nesbitt outside the Post Office

David Nesbitt outside the Post Office

The father of a troubled teenager who has the mental age of a seven year launched a petition this week to the Minister for Health calling on him to give disabled children proper medical care.

David Nesbitt, from Aisling Gardens, whose daughter is currently in the care of the HSE, wants to hand the petition to the Minister for Health James Reilly next week.

Mr Nesbitt’s daughter is seventeen years old but has the mental age of a seven year-old.

She also has violent episodes which have seen her take a knife and attempt to stab family members.

She was taken to a home in Dublin for troubled teenagers as David and his family simply could not look after her.

This week David has been outside the General Post Office on Clanbrassil St and outside the Longwalk Shopping Centre attempting to collect signature to his new petition. Entitled “The Irish Minister for Health James Reilly, we call on you to give disabled children in Ireland proper medical care”, David is collecting as many petitions from both the public in Dundalk and from an online petition on the petition website Avaaz.org.

“Where she is at the moment is not appropriate for her.

“She has the mental age of a 7 -year-old yet she is in home very troubled teenagers.

“She doesn’t know why she is there, she doesn’t know what is happening to her.”

What is frustrating for David and his family is that doctors appear unable to give her a diagnosis and she is falling between gap between care homes for mentally disabled chidlrena nd the HSE.

“At the moment the disabilities service and the HSE have both said that she is not their responsibility. She has been in two foster care situations but she has been too much for them.

“She has been diagnosed with epilepsy, aspergers, fibromyalgia and most recently split personality disorder.

“What we want is the Minister to send her to a foreign country if they can’t find what’s wrong with her here.”

Speaking to the paper on Monday, David said that he had receives lots of signatures and that he now plans to go hand deliver the petition to the Minsiter for Health in Dublin.


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