Fancy living in a medieval house in Carlingford for a whole week?

HISTORY lovers are being invited to live for a week in an original Merchant's House in Carlingford exactly as they might have in 1210.

Cooley Peninsula Tourist Office is currently accepting applications from anyone who would like to attempt the medieval challenge.

The initiative aims to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the building of King John's Castle and is being run alongside National Heritage week and Irish Walled Town's Day.

The once walled village of Carlingford has been described as "a virtual outdoor museum of medieval Ireland". Early Vikings named it 'Cairlin-fjord' and it remains one of only two fjords in Ireland.

The Normans settled in Carlingford in the 13th Century and the population of the village grew following the construction of King John's Castle in 1210.

Carlingford was a hive of industry during the medieval period and its busy port imported large quantities of silk and wine throughout the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries.

Carlingford boasts a merchant house, a mint, a tholsel (town gate), 15th Century church, 16th Century Dominican friary and a 17th Century Georgian house.

When a new road network which bypassed the town was constructed, it sent Carlingford into decline until the 20th century.However, this ensured the preservation of its built heritage.

If you would like to try and live, sleep and survive for a week in the merchant's house, email the Cooley Peninsula Tourist Office via or telephone 042-9373033 for more information.


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