Excellent results for students

Last month 30 students aged between six to fourteen years from Geraldine’s School of Speech and Drama sat their annual exams.

“We had a large number of students participating in exams this year,” said Geraldine.

“The majority of our students are now of a senior level which means that the work becomes more intensive and performance based.

“It’s not just about memorising pieces, it’s about having an understanding of your work and conveying meaning.”

Miss Kieran is delighted to announce that all students received excellent results.

One student Pierce McNee was awarded a medal for his exceptional performance.

“Like all of my students Pierce works very hard, he pays great attention to detail and has a strong understanding that even talent requires discipline and hard work- he is an excellent role model to younger students.”

With the serious business of exams out of the way, now the school will be turning its attention to an end of year showcase.

The end of term showcases are a means to having some good old fashioned dramatic fun yet the school does aim is to also fundraise for a few good causes.

“The showcases are just about getting the students on stage and letting them express themselves,”said Gerladine.

“We are in the process of planning a larger production for later in the year.”

If you are interested in the attending Geraldine’s school please check out the school’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/GDramaSchool.


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