Exams tips from guidance teacher

Local career guidance counsellor Gerry Malone says that the life does not begin and end with the Leaving Certificate as the exams start tomorrow (Wednesday).

Although Gerry believes that the exam is important, he says that a students mental and physical health is priority.

“It is important that students do not get stressed,” said Gerry,

“Stress in small doses is good but too much can be very unhealthy. Mental health is very important and it should not be overlooked.”

Gerry believes that young people are under more pressure now than ever before.

“Young people really feel like they are under a lot of pressure.

“They believe that this is the be all and end all but this is not the case as there are a lot of options available to students.

“We often only see one way to get to where we want to be but there are a lot of side roads that students can take.

“It is an important exam, but it should be highlighted that options are available.”

Gerry has top tips for those facing the first exam tomorrow.

“Students should arrive early to get registration sorted.

“Also have a good breakfast, students need to have a energy as it can be a very long day.

“I would advise against studying all night.

“Once the first exam is finished, students will feel much more relaxed.”


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