Egan wants a pedestrian crossing for St Francis School

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Fianna Fail candidate for Dundalk South Stephen Egan wants a number of issues surrounding transport infrastructure in Blackrock tackled as a matter of urgency.

The implementing of a new pedestrian crossing for St Francis School.

“The need for a pedestrian crossing outside the new St Francis School in Blackrock.

“It is just a matter of time before a child is injured crossing the road to get to school . St Oliver Plunketts school has an excellent system in place with a raised crossing and flashing lights. St Francis students and parents deserve the same .

“The critical junction is where parents and children cross the road from the Rathmount estate to get to the school . I kindly call on the council to urgently do something about putting a crossing in place before somebody gets injured or worse crossing the road.

Mr Egan also wants bus shelters made erected in Blackrock.

“I have also been approached by locals looking for the erection of several new bus shelters around the village to cater for commuters taking buses into Dundalk as there are currently none.

“This would eliminate the need for both students and older people standing around in the wind and the rain while waiting on a bus. The cost of building the shelters could be brought down through a public /private partnership where local businesses could sponsor a shelter for a specified period of time .”

Mr Egan is also concerned about a gully that has formed in the front of the church.

“The road conditions outside the parish church in Blackrock are in dire need of repair as a gully has now opened up in the middle of the road and is a safety hazard for local traffic.”
Mr Egan is seeking a meeting with the council on the matters.


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