Dundalk to remain ‘Giro Pink’ until the end of August says council

The Giro d Italia  banner at the square

The Giro d Italia banner at the square

It may only have taken less than 90 seconds for the riders of the Giro d’Italia to storm through Dundalk, but three months on and the visual hangover from the world famous race continues to afflict the town.

It was Sunday the 11 May when the climax of weeks of preparation for the race came to a climax.

Shops, businesses and residents were all encourage to get painting various, paintable bits of their pavements, walls or railings pink.

The printers were also busy, as orders for posters and placards rolled out, a double bonus considering the local elections which were held not two weeks after the race.

It’s hard to conceive of now, but just three weeks before the race, there were even concerns that the town would be not have made a big a deal about the event.

Yet three months on, and the town is still full of posters and placards welcoming the Giro.

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat, Paddy Donnelly of Louth County Council said the plan is to keep the town ‘Pink’ until the end of August, at which stage an organised clean up will take place.

“It was agreed in May to leave the town ‘Pink’ until the end of August (until after the 2nd judging of Tidy Towns). We are still getting positive feedback from the public on how well Dundalk looks this summer.

“Dundalk Tidy Towns will arrange removal of the Tidy Towns GIRO banners during the first week in September, and will replace these with some of the banners from our collection.

“There is no plans by Tidy Towns to design new additional banners during the remainder of 2014.”

This also goes for official council banenrs, placards and posters.

“The removal of the several Dundalk Town Council banners will be arranged at the same time including the removal of bunting from the Town Hall façade.”


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