Dundalk to reach global fame with Spiderman 4

Dundalk is set to reach worldwide fame as a small portion of the new Spiderman 4 movie will be shot in the town.

The smash hit franchise, which has made billions of euro at the box office will once again be helmed by legendary director Sam Raimi.

However, in order to take the reins of the Marvel blockbuster, Raimi told UK film magazine, Total Film, that he wanted complete control over the fourth instalment, which included shooting in Dundalk.

Dundalk came into Raimi's way of thinking when the New York Times profiled Dundalk's Sustainable Energy Zone in one of its issues back in April 2008, a story which was featured also in the Dundalk Democrat at the time.

In the New York Times article, DkIT's 60m high wind turbine was featured, something that caught Raimi's eye. Now after getting in touch with Dundalk film director John Moore, Raimi has his sights set on bringing a small part of the production to Dundalk.

Although Marvel's team would not give any secrets away, it is imagined that Spiderman star Tobey Maguire is expected to scale the towering structure at some point during the film.

The film, which is billed 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' will see Dundalk land a substantial cash windfall as tourism is expected to jump by 400% and many local people will be employed as paid extras. Hotels and other amnesties will also profit from the shoot, which is expected to last no longer than two weeks.

A Marvel spokesperson, Ms Aprile Fulday said: "We are delighted to be bringing one of our most celebrated comic and screen icons, Spiderman, to Dundalk, Ireland.

Although we cannot discuss much at the present time, Mr Raimi is certainly looking forward to featuring the DkIT wind turbine in his latest film."

NOTE: This article went live on April 1, as an April Fools Day joke. Unfortunately, due a glitch in the system it was re-posted on May 13. apolgies for that folks.


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