Dundalk Sub Aqua and council heroes

Our winter storms are getting worse according to one of the country’s experts on climate change.

Professor Robert Devoy from said after last weekend’s storms that wind speeds and flooding are “what we would expect from a warming climate caused by the impact of humans”.

“Ten years go, there were warnings that weather patterns had gone outside the natural pattern of weather events and this is a continuation of that. We are fitting the models of a warming climate.”

He called for further investment in weather monitoring in this country so that scientists can better chart patterns.

There has to be something in what he says, but meanwhile, whatever the cause, we must thank the men and women who worked so hard over the end of last week and the weekend to help control the flooding and keep people and property safe.

Louth Local Authority staff worked round the clock. So too the volunteers of Dundalk Sub-Aqua Search and Rescue Service.

Dundalk Sub-Aqua Search and Rescue service had a full team operating in Blackrock since the floods began on Thursday night.

“We had half-a-dozen volunteers out each day,” said PRO Don Baldwin. “They were helping out with sandbags and keeping an eye on kids who were just thrill seeking and running along the promenade wall. We had a special team out for the job and they were there each time the tide was high.”

This service gets no public funding and relies on public donations from street collectiomns. Remember them next time round.


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