‘Dundalk’ reg turning heads in Australia

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ONE Dundalk man has taken it upon himself to promote his home town abroad – but Robbie Matthews is taking a slightly alternative route.

Car enthuisast Robbie couldn’t do without his Audi and decided to ship it to Perth in Western Australia, where he is currently working.

Robbie, who is originally from Mournvale on the Avenue Road, then took the opportunity to personalise a plate, branding his car with a “Dundalk” registration plate.

“I guess you could say it is way of promoting the town,” says Robbie, who asked for the plate from his Kerry born girlfriend who is in Australia with him. “It’s had a good reaction, though I only had it for one day before coming home for Christmas.

“I was driving it on the first day of having the plate and I got a call from a friend of mine who is from Monaghan but living in Australia. He was driving behind me and thought “is that you?” and gave me a call.

“Another driver took the time to come over and have a chat with me too. It’s a bit of fun.

“I didn’t want to get an Ireland one, and Australians wouldn’t know what or where Dundalk was, so I thought it would be a bit different.”

Robbie works in mine further inland, where he says he is getting used to ferocious 40 degree temperatures on a daily basis.

“I was lucky enough in that I moved here partly through lifestyle reason and because there are better opportunities over here at the moment, though people don’t seem to realise how expensive it is to live in Perth. Rents can be as much as 500 dollars a week.”

Robbie says that he took his inspiration for promoting the town from ESPN commentator and Knockbridge man Tommy Smith, who commentates on English football games on satelitte television.

“He is huge over here and in America. He always gives Dundalk a mention too, and he’ll always give you a shoutout on Twitter.”




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