Dundalk man wants civil marriage for all

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A Dundalk is man is calling on the people of Ireland to show their support for equal rights by voting in favour of same sex marriage when a referendum on the issue is held in 2015.

Eddie McGuinness believes that civil marriage for same sex couples is a step to ensure equal rights for all.

Eddie, who married his husband John over a year ago, says that growing up in Dundalk wasn’t easy.

In an interview with The Dundalk Democrat, Eddie said: “Gay Marriage is the next step in equality for both me and my husband John.

“Growing up in Dundalk wasn’t easy when I found out, or was true to myself, about being gay.

“Gay marriage is not the issue. Civil marriage should be for everyone.”

Eddie does not want to question religious beliefs, rather he wants people to accept that he is equal.

“I don’t want to step on anyone beliefs or religion,” says Eddie.

“I just want our state to say that I am equal to my brothers and sisters.

“We are part of this country.

“Just over twenty years ago it was illegal to be gay in Ireland. Twenty years later, with civil partnership, I have some rights like other people in my home town of Dundalk. But why should I have some rights, why not all?

“My love for my town and country is the same as anyone else. Why can’t the love I have for my husband be the same?”

With a referendum on the issue expected in 2015, Eddie wants his hometown to support same sex marriage.

“I am lucky that my family have shown John and I the same love when we got civil partnered just over a year ago, after 10 years together.

“It was our day and I call on the people of Dundalk and Ireland to show us their love by voting for equal rights and vote yes to civil marriage for same sex couples in the referendum in 2015.”


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