Dundalk man tells of Aussie heatwave

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A Dundalk man who moved to Australia a decade ago has spoken of how he is enduring temperatures of 46 degrees in Australia.

Australia has been hit by a staggeringly hot summer heat wave, which comes hot on the heels of their hottest year on record.

Patrick Kerley from Adelaide has sent in the picture (to the right) of his thermometer, which reads a staggering 46 degrees centigrade.

“The heat for one day is not too bad, but when it’s like this for a week its difficult,” he said.

“The problem is more the confinement. We have air con in the kitchen, the lounge and one in the bedroom.

“The fear is that there would be a power outage.

Patrick (77) and his partner moved to Australia in 1985.

Referring to the Australian Open which is being played in record heat in Melbourne,

“To play any sport in that weather is to court death.”

On Thursday of last week, organisers enforced their extreme heat policy, suspending matches on outside courts.

The number of heatwaves in the country was “projected to increase significantly.”


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