Dundalk firm leading the way in digital media production

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iCreate Digital Media was founded in 2012 by Clive Friary and Bríd Rocks and the company has already become a leader in its field.

Based at Creative Spark industrial centre Dundalk, iCreate is just one of five authorised Apple training centres in Ireland.

They are one of the leading iPad deployment specialists in the country and are involved in education and training and digital publishing.

Their books are available through iBookStore, Apples platform for digital books.

“If you see a book online,” said Clive Friary, “you can download the first chapter and view it on a trial basis before deciding to buy it.”

So far, the ibooks are available in 51 different countries.

Their educational products are quite revolutionary. The iCreate books are virtually a classroom available right there on your ipad or iphone.

“The teacher can create the lesson,” said Clive. “and everything is there on the ipad. If I am a teacher and I have 20 students in front of me I can convert the lesson onto computers for the class.

“It opens up a whole new way for teachers and pupils to communicate. And we train people to use this app.

On the commercial side, the company has already published four books in conjunction with Dundalgan Press (W Tempest) Ltd.

These are: The Shoe Industry, The Tobacco Industry, The Engineering Industry, and Dundalk Caught On Camera, and they can be downloaded in 51 countries across the globe.

iCreate will also publish work from the Lensmen Archive. This amazing photographic archive has 3,500 million images.

Their first book, based on these images, will be about the JFK visit to Ireland in June 1963.

“It’s the most important historical collection in Ireland,” said Clive.

More books from this collection will follow.

They are also producing work by local photographer David Norton and Jim Murphy’s definitive work on Dundalk FC, C’mon the Town.

“We are also working on the official ibook for Giro d’Italia which will be coming to Dundalk in May,” said Clive.


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