Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend!

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You may be glad to hear that this Sunday marks the first day of summer, even though it may not feel like it with the constant showers we have endured all week.

Clocks will spring forward at 1am this Sunday giving us one hour less in bed, this Mother’s Day weekend.

Clocks and watches should be put forward one hour at that time but please be aware that computers and mobile phone clocks may change automatically.

Daylight Savings was initially brought in to give farmers more day light to work in in the evenings, and means schoolchildren have brighter mornings when going to school in winter.

However, critics say longer light in the evenings could reduce road fatalities, crime and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Lighter evenings are said to help businesses and alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective depression (SAD) and there are also claims it boosts people’s activity to encourage fitness and saves electricity

So even though it might be a pain now, it will seem a great idea in October when we all get that extra hour in bed.


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