DkIT Film Club returns with film ‘Man on Wire’

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editorial image

DkIT Film Club, hosted by DkIT library, returns with a screening of the award-winning Man on Wire at 1.30pm on Wednesday, 27 August.

Native New Yorkers know to expect the unexpected, but who could have predicted that a man would stroll between the towers of the World Trade Centre? French high-wire walker Philippe Petit did just that on 7 August, 1974. Petit’s success may come as a foregone conclusion, but British filmmaker James Marsh’s pulse-pounding film still plays more like a thriller than a non-fiction documentary.

The last outing of the Film Club was a resounding success, with popcorn and cinematic enjoyment galore. Admission is free and everyone’s invited.

For more information call DkIT Library at 042-9370310 or email


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