Dickens brought to life at Bellurgan Park

THE writings of Charles Dickens came to life at Bellurgan Park this year in a truly unique Christmas event for all the family. Set in the historic setting of Bellurgan House visitors were transported back in time to witness ‘A Christmas Carol’ come to life before their eyes courtesy of a talented group of actors from MAD Youth Theatre.

Familiar scenes from the classic tale were brought to life in every room depicting key moments in Scrooges journey towards redemption.

Audiences watched on as the miserly old Scrooge sat in his counting-house on a cold Christmas Eve, his clerk, Bob Cratchit, shivering because Scrooge refused to spend money on heating coals for a fire. Even a visit from his jovial nephew Fred failed to warm the old miser’s heart.

Upstairs visitors experienced a chilling visitation from the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, though effectively portrayed it was certainly tame enough for the youngest of audience who were invited to take part in sealing Scrooges chains.

Entirely interactive audiences were invited to take part in a market scene with dancing and singing and children were enthralled to be part of the visitations from the Ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas yet to come.

But for the kids the highlight of the event was the visit to Father Christmas who sat by the fire eating cookies. The jovial Santa was ably assisted by the Magical Christmas Fairy who brought some sparkle to the event. Having arrived especially from the North Pole to bring extra Christmas Cheer to Dundalk, Santa certainly succeeded!

Following hot on the heels of their annual Halloween event, this Christmas experience is sure to become an annual celebration at Bellurgan Park offering visitors a truly unique experience and one which was well worth the visit.

Leprechaun Cave competing with The Boyne Valley as top visitor attraction

Carlingford’s newest visitor attraction The Leprechaun Cavern is competing with The Boyne Valley as the top visitor attraction in the North East on the most referred to international travel site - Trip Advisor

The underground cavern that opened this year is welcoming hundreds of visitors through its tunnels and delighting visitors with tales of leprechauns and fairies that travel between its underground tunnels.

One of the tunnels lead to the Fairy Glen in Rostrevor and another leads directly to an area on Slieve Foy mountain where the last leprechauns of Ireland are believed to live and are officially protected by EU legislation under The Habitats Directive since 2009.

The Leprechaun Whisperer and author of the book the Last Leprechauns of Ireland, Kevin Woods manages the site and tells the stories of the leprechaun’s origin, history and daily living habits to delighted parents and children.

‘When you consider the amount of resources that was invested into building the Boyne Valley brand, it is remarkable that within 6 months, pure imagination can generate results like this. It is significant that another private venture - The Leprechaun Museum is currently Dublin’s most visited attraction. We are the magical land of leprechauns and fairies and this is what people want, whether we like it or not’. Frances Taylor, Cooley Peninsula Tourism Officer. ‘Because of their nature, initiatives like this tend not to be taken seriously but the independent statistics on Trip Advisor absolutely confirms that this is what counts.’

The leprechaun cave has been turned into a winter wonderland during December and families continue to flock to the visit Santa’s Cavern ‘below the earth’ surrounded by magical fairies and snow laden hidden tunnels. For further information : +353 (0) 87 272 9971.


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