Deputy Adams backs the call to reopen Dunleer railway station

Dunleer Railway Station

Dunleer Railway Station

Sinn Féin deputy Gerry Adams attended a meeting in Ardee in support of the reopening of the Dunleer Railway station. The Sinn Féin deputy has joined with other TDs and senators in the county in asking the Minister for Transport, Mr Leo Varadkar for an early meeting to discuss this issue.

Gerry Adams praised the presentation made by the committee to the meeting. “I support the demand that Dunleer Railway station should be reopened,” he said, “and welcome the very positive presentation by the committee which set out in a very logical and clear fashion the overwhelming case for the reopening of Dunleer Railway station.”

“Several weeks ago I wrote to minister Varadkar asking him for his views on the reopening of Dunleer railway station,” deputy Adams said.

“In his response the minister said that there are no current plans to re-open Dunleer station and no proposal in that regard has been made to his department.

“The minister said that CIE is in a difficult financial position and is dependent on continued bank funding.

“It has no resources of its own available to fund new projects and there is no funding in the current capital plan for Dunleer station.

“However minister Varadkar also revealed that consideration of a new government capital investment plan beyond 2016 will begin shortly and consideration can be given to this project within that overall process.

“This presents an important opportunity to create the circumstances in which a business plan can be agreed and public support galvanised for the reopening of Dunleer Railway station.

“Of course, persuading the government will not be easy and the campaign needs maximum support in its endeavours. It also needs to thoroughly examine what financial support is available from Europe. I have asked my colleague Martina Anderson MEP to pursue this aspect,” Mr Adams said.

He said there is an irresistible logic in support of reopening Dunleer Railway station. The economic benefits for the local community and for mid-Louth are obvious. The growing population and the employment opportunities in Dundalk, Belfast, Drogheda and Dublin make the revitalisation of this link a priority.


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