D-Day arrives for leaving cert students

Katie Lennon Cliona Morgan and Kayleigh Quigley  looking happy

Katie Lennon Cliona Morgan and Kayleigh Quigley looking happy

The wait for Leaving Certificate results is finally over with 1976 students from Louth receiving their results on Wednesday, 13 August.

1805 students in Louth sat the Leaving Cert this year with 171 students sitting the Leaving Cert Applied (LCA).

The Dundalk Democrat spoke to a few of the students who received their results about how they were feeling and what they planned on doing in the future.

The paper first spoke to students from St Vincents in Dundalk.

Fionnuala McCourt, a student from St Vincents was at the school with her parents to collect her results. “I’m absoulutely delighted,” said Fionnuala. “Im hoping to do engineering in UCD now.”

Hannah Conroy was also at the local school to collect her results. “I haven’t even opened them yet but I’m hoping to study video and film in DkIT.”

The Democrat then headed over to the Marist school to see how the students there had fared.

Student Adam Branigan was there with his mother Una who was relieved the wait was finally over.“I’m delighted for him and that it’s all over,” said Una, “I didn’t sleep a week last night.”

Marist student Jack Callan picked his results up with friends and was relieved to receive his results. “I’m happy enough,” said Jack, “I’m not really sure what course I’m going to pursue, Im going to wait until the CAO offers come through.”

Peter Thornton and Shane De Rís were also relieved the wait was finally over. “I’m hoping to do German and Irish in Trinity,” said Shane while Peter is hoping to do commerce in UCD.

Next we headed to Coláiste Rís where vice principal Noeleen Ni Dhulaing was helping student Christian Rafferty add up his points. “I’m hoping to study electrical engineering,” Christian told the paper.

Vice principal Noeleen said so far all students seemed happy and were fairly content with their results. “All our students have been happy with their results so far,” said Noeleen. “They know that even if they do not get the results they, there are plenty of other doors open to them.”

Check out pages 22-26 for further photos and coverage of the Leaving Results 2014.


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