Cutting home help hours

The Government insists on cutting back on home help hours in order to save money yet such a move does not make much sense.

Our hospitals are overflowing and a survey published last week shows that the number of people working in the frontline medical service in this country is far behind the same service in Britain.

For the past two years, the Government has been deconstructing what was a great home help service run by caring trained people and brilliantly managed by public health nurses.

This service enabled people to end their days with comfort and dignity in their own homes.

So why destroy it when it is going to cost the state more?

In its budget proposals Fianna Fáil has said it is still possible to achieve savings of €3.5 billion next year without cutting funding for people with disabilities, for education service or for mental health services.

Deputy Seamus Kirk has said it is possible to reach budgetary targets without hitting the most vulnerable people and struggling families. His party wants to provide €10 million to reverse the slash and burn of home help hours that have affected so many older people and people with disabilities in Louth and across the country.

Fianna Fail is right. This was a deeply unfair and short-sighted move that will force many people out of their homes and into the over-burdened hospital system.




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