Creative students impress the Dragons

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editorial image

16 year old Amy Flynn and 15 year old Zara Matthews Ryan from Dundalk came face to face with the Dragons to pitch their company Get Creative on Sunday’s episode of Junior Dragon’s Den.

The young entrepreneurs were first to face the Dragons and came to the Den to pitch their transition year mini company, Get Creative.

“We are both transition year students. We’re best friends who are really creative,” said the girls.

Collecting old crayons, the girls have come up with an innovative and environmentally friendly way to break down old recyclable crayons and melt and mould them into various shapes and sizes at a competitive price.

“We saw people doing it with candle wax but we didn’t want to do candles so we came up with crayon wax instead, we tried it and it worked,” said the girls.

The St Louis students have created a ‘Crayon Bank’ which they have put in local primary schools to collect old crayons and are hoping to give a certain percentage of their profits to the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

This praiseworthy company certainly caught the Dragons’ attention.

“Girls, I think you’ve done very well, it’s quite ingenious”, said Ramona while Dragon Barry commented “I think Get Creative has been very creative, so well done.”


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