Courts in pubs and the Dail bar

When air-rage offender Jenny Lauren first appeared in court after her drink-fuelled breach of the peace on a New York-bound flight from Barcelona, which had to be diverted to Shannon, it caused quite a stir round the world.

The main reason was Ms Lauren appeared at the Brian Boru pub in Co Clare as this was the court venue.

Next to barrels of porter and beer, and bottles of spirits, Ms Lauren faced the charges. It cost the airline company in the region of €37,000 to divert the flight to Shannon.

The Brian Boru’s days as a court venue may be numbered, but not after the whole world had a good laugh at us - and not at air-rage which is a serious offence.

The owner of the Brian Boru is of course delighted with the publicity. Mr Michael O’Donovan said the coverage “has put the Brian Boru and Killaloe on the worldwide map and I would be hoping for extra business from Americans”.

But at least one TD was not happy with the image it portrayed of the country and said a court sitting in a pub was regrettable.

But what about all the tourists, the extra Americans?

Perhaps the Dail should sit in the Dail bar and we could have an even further boost for our tourism. Sinn Fein might not be too happy as deputy Adams disapproves strongly of TDs using the bar at all.

But if it improves the economy and attracts people all from all over the world then why not give it a go?

Our Dail deputies could mix Irish water with Jameson and discuss how they knew nothing about €50m being spent on consultants.They could sing the Fields of Athenry every half hour and the lads could pull women onto to their laps and do Elvis impersonations of Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear.

They could say exactly what they think of the Troika, and Angela, and why Mayo will never win the Sam Maguire. Think YouTube. Worldwide fame.


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