Councillors have to work within budget

Declan Breathnach  waiting for the result of the first count

Declan Breathnach waiting for the result of the first count

Fianna Fail’s Declan Breathnach believes that councillors have have an obligation to deliver an enhanced service for Louth “within budgetary restraints”.

Elected on the first count in Dundalk-South in the recent elections, Breathnach has been a member of the Louth County Council for over 23 years.

“I look forward to working collaboratively with all parties and independents who have a positive contribution to make to try and make Louth the best place in Ireland to grow, to be educated and to do businesses.

“The obligation is to deliver an enhanced service for the people of Louth within budgetary restraints.

“People can promise the sun, the moon and the stars at election time. I’ve always dealt with the reality.

“If somebody has contribution to make, it has to be costed and budgeted.

“I am about being realistic and being able to deliver what is deliverable.”

Declan Breathnach does not see a picture of reality in Sinn Fein’s political philosophy.

“They have never been able to support a budget” said Declan.

“As regards what they say they can do for the people of Louth, well, I don’t really see the colour of their money.”

Meanwhile the Knockbridge man says that he has “no aspiration” in running for the Dail.

While he doesn’t run anything out, local politics is his passion and that’s how he intends to keep it.

“I never had an aspiration for the Dail and I still don’t have an aspiration for the Dail despite what people think.

“I love representing the people within my locality and trying to enhance the county.

“People in politics say that you should never rule anything in or out.

“I am quite happy with what I am doing. And I always have and always will.”


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