Councillor critical of long bank queues

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Sinn Fein Councillor Tomas Sharkey has criticised the long waiting queues in the local Bank of Ireland.

The County Councillor took to his Facebook account to ask his followers what was the longest they had waited and his question sparked heated debate, with many saying they spend over an hour waiting.

“A lot of people have contacted me regarding the queues in the bank,” said Cllr Sharkey.

“Everybody knows that there are a lot of machines in the bank. But people who are queueing in the line have much more complex issues.

The councillor highlighted that the queues is not a seasonal issue but rather an all year issue.

“Pick any day of the week and the queues are lenghty. It’s not just because it’s the Christmas season.

“It must be also very difficult for staff. I am calling on the management of the branch to resolve the issue.”

Bank of Ireland issued the following statement regarding the matter.

“We are aware that there are regularly queues in our branch in Dundalk but would point out that this is an extremely busy branch serving a large proportion of the business and personal customers in the community.

“We have upgraded our technology and have further plans to invest in additional services in the new year with the objective of substantially reducing queue time.

“Our national branch network is of vital strategic importance to us and we regard a branch network as an integral part of our multi-channel approach to serving our customers.

“It is important that each branch is commercially viable through supporting and being supported by their local community, both personal and business customers.

“Improvements to customer service and investments in efficiency are ongoing.”


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