Confusion still reigns at Market Square’s pedestrian crossings

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editorial image

A month on from the changeover, or rather change back, to a pedestrian lighting system at the junction of Earl Street and Market Square-Crowe Street and confusion still reigns.

Pedestrian lights were fitted in early March as part of €200,000 amendment to The Square.

The reason for the change was described at the time as a ‘safety measure’ but it is clear over a month on from the works that the crossings are more danagerous than ever.

Many pedestrians approach the crossing and are clearly under the impression that it is still a pedestrian crossing, as the road markings have remained completely unchanged.

This leads to many crossing at will, with traffic foced to come to a sudden stop.

However, it is equally confusing for motorists, many of whom also are under the impression that is still a pedestrian crossing, and stop for pedestrians, some of who recognise that the crossing is now governed by traffic lights.

To add to confusion, there is the same marking at the crossing 40 metres away at the Ulster Bank crossing, which is still a pedestrian crossing.

In a statement Dundalk Town Council said: “Changes at the Market Square were actioned following a Stage 3 safety audit. The system is the standard crossing with a demand action button for pedestrians.

“The operation and use of the crossing and junction are provided for in RSA publications.

“You will note that LCC did as the speed limits authority confirm a 30 KPH zone for this area to which motorists are required to abide by and this is also an added safety measure for the operation of the crossing and junction.

“The local authority continues to monitor all systems and infrastructure provisions and do take on board all representations made in respect of the public’s use of such facilities.”


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